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We specialize in actionable automotive data and intelligence.

We’re also pretty good at building large-scale, data-intensive web applications.

We are Benchmark.

  • We are passionate about automotive data and exploring new ways to apply it.

  • We've spent years developing a market leading expertise and developed a series of unique processes for collecting, cleansing and linking to an automotive database that serves customers in a wide variety of applications.

  • We are a small team of 10 people with core skill sets around computer programming and automotive sales.

  • What We Do

    We provide automotive data and intelligence.

    We acheive this by building custom applications that utilise automotive data to deliver value or by providing our clients with the raw data to integrate into their own front and back-office applications via XML web services.

    Founded in 2002, Benchmark has many years experience operating within the Motor Trade and related industries and in this time we have built a deep understanding of the market and created innovative products and services for our clients.

  • What We’re Good At

    We are good at taking disparate automotive data datasets and pulling them together to produce highly usable products and services that will add value to your organisation. We do this through manually cleansing each dataset so that they may be purged of any data errors and linked effectively.

    We are also exceptionally good at designing and building excellent user interface's to disseminate our automotive data and deliver useful products for our clients and customers.

    • Automotive Data

      Automotive Data delivered via XML. More

    • Motorcheck.ie

      Car history service for retail & trade. More

    • Carlister.ie

      Used car sales data hub. More

    • Tripometer.ie

      Business trip recording via your mobile. More

  • What We Have Achieved

    Over the past 11 years Benchmark has contsantly invested in Technology to produce innovative products and services for our clients. We are a fully Irish owned and managed business and have grown organically year on year since our inception.

    Our business has evolved from providing value-added services to fleet buyers and insurers to technology based services involving automotive data. Today we are recognised as a leading provider of automotive data, intelligence and related services.

    In addition to Benchmark Automotive, which supplies products and services to corporate clients, we also own and operate the website Motorcheck.ie which provides online vehicle history check services to the general public and Motor Trade. We are responsible for the Irish National Mileage Register (INMR) in the fight to combat clocking and we have also developed innovative web based products such as Carlister.ie and Tripometer

Where to Find Us

Here's how to contact us:

Contact Page Tel: +353 (0)1 440 7200
Fax: +353 (0)1 440 7210
Benchmark Fleet Services
Unit 2 Block 4B
Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Dublin 15