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Technical Data for Parts Suppliers

Power your parts catalogue with our enhanced VRM service

Give your customers the facility to quickly find and purchase the correct part for their vehicle by its registration number

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Key Features

  • VRM enable your parts catalogue

  • Improve sales conversions and reduce part returns

Case Study:

MAM SoftwareMAM Software

MAM Software Ltd is the largest supplier of computer systems and data solutions to the automotive aftermarket in Britain and Ireland. MAM Software.

MAM’s Autonet Online is a fully-featured web-based application that allows the parts distributor to quickly and easily sell components online to trade or retail customers. It is designed to streamline the sales process by empowering customers to identify and order their own parts.

MAM’s Autocat+ parts catalogue uses VRM for vehicle identification and this helps to simplify the selection process and enables a smooth and efficient transaction. Autocat+ is fully integrated with the Autopart business management system or it can be used as a standalone tool.

Customers choose MAM Software because of how we listen to our customers and respond with the functionality they need to manage every aspect of their business.

VRM is an integral part of our service and having tested multiple suppliers, we’re very pleased with the enhanced data that Benchmark Automotive provides "

Mike Jamieson, MAM Software

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