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VRM Lookup Data for Ireland

One of the most popular data services we provide is a Vehicle Registration Mark (or VRM) Lookup.

For businesses that need to quickly and accurately identify a vehicle, the vehicle identity service from Benchmark Automotive is a great choice.

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Key Features

  • A Reliable web service that's both accurate and quick to respond

  • Instant results via class leading and reliable web services

  • A scalable solution where custom data sets can be added at any time.

  • An affordable and flexible pricing model that caters for any number of enquiries

  • Accurate data for improved efficiencies in a multitude of applications

  • Integrated with third party data providers like JATO, ABI, Insecom & More

Vehicle Identity Data by XML
Use our API to submit a registration number and receive all your identity data by XML (example below).
    • <VEHICLE>
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